Tuesday, 21 July 2015


22/07/15                               Whangarei

WALT; write a recount story  

Driving up the massive hill, hopping out of the car. up the stairs I say” yay we are finally at the top of the lookout”.

When I get to the top I jumped onto the edge of the fence. To take photos and to look at the view of Whangarei, after Mum and Doug looked at me they said ‘’be careful Rico’’.

While Mum, Doug and I looked away Lani tried to climb over the edge but just before she started I caught a glimpse of her.

Racing down the stairs then into the cutting grass I hid from Mum once she walked past I gave her a fright she squealed like a pig me and Doug started cranking up laughing.

After we went back to Grandads house.

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