Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hi guys here is some information for people they want to go up the water tower or find information about it. I'll leave it on my blog I'll leave a website and I'll tell you some info my self.


South Taranaki I-Site centre
55 High street, Hawera
Phone: 06 278 8599


There are 215 steps,it is located in New Zealand South Taranaki, They used it for water to take out fires, Hawera is known as the Burnt Place,The water tower is 55 meters high, the water tower started to get built in 1912-1914 it Took two years. It also celebrated 100 years in 2014 because it was built in 1914!, did you know the water tower leans by 3 inches. The neon lights were fitted to the water in 1932. It was billed as the tallest water house in New Zealand. Total exterior 1800m2

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  1. Rico
    There's some great information but you need to to have a look at what you've posted - what is the 1.1 million that you've mentioned? Was that the cost to restore it?
    Mr Webb