Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Our Criuse

Our Cruise

Day 1 of our cruise:
We woke up and got all our gear ready then we hit the road to New Plymouth. When we were waiting for our plane the man announced"nz 5232 is now cancelled due to engine problems." we rushed to the reception and asked the lady for a new plane to go to Auckland and she said" I will not be able to get all 10 of you at once so this group off 5 has to go to Wellington then Auckland then the other group has to go straight to Auckland." When we got at the port we had to check in so we could get into the boat when we boarded the ship we went and had a look at our room then our assistance came Rony and Jeffrey they would help us out and get my little sister a cot. Then we went and signed me up for Shark Shack so I could go play Xbox games and more whenever I want then we got back to our room and there was an emergency drill practice so the bell went off and we went to level 7A and their was a speech then we went to the take off party and I saw one of my teachers Mrs Knapman when we got back to our room we went to bed looking forward to day 2 of our cruise.

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