Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Day 3 of my Criuse

Day 3 of our cruise: that morning we went and signed me up for HQ their was about 4 play station 4s and 4 play station 3s then me and my friends went and had lunch after lunch I went back to our room to look for mum so I could have a swim but then I decided not to when we went back this man showed showed everyone from HQ and HQ+ to make a mocktail which is like a cocktail but no alcohol in it when we got back from that we went and played FIFA 15 when it shut we went to have dinner then played tag around the whole boat when it opened up at 7.00 o clock again we went back and played a air hockey tournament after we played air hockey we played boys vs girls battle of the sexes then I stayed there till about 10 o clock and went back to the cabin looking forward going to mystery island.                     

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