Thursday, 15 May 2014

Burp patrol

Putting my hat on and standing tall burp patrol is in the house. Hitting her on the back with all my might it was useless she just wouldn't burp.

second round is on you better burp Lani smacking on her back once more still not burping. If you want to play that way you will get that way I said. Game on Lani you better burp saying once more. I gave her a good whack on the back. She finally burped I said it's about time you burped Lani.

Plopping on the couch I put my feet up. I mounted into into the couch I looked outside and saw the sunset it was orange it looked like a volcano erupted. I could feel the cold breeze from the window it felt nice. I had a great big smile of satisfaction. Who ever said being a big brother was a easy job.


  1. Great little story Rico. Your use of showing instead of telling has made your writing so much better. It is heading towards the next level.

  2. Yes Rico you have been a huge help with Lani! Keep it up Big Brother.

  3. Cool rico,but watch your comma's and sentences.

  4. Cool rico,but watch your comma's and sentences.