Tuesday, 8 April 2014

haunted house

Cobwebs were covering the corners of the house like a white blanket there were walls with scratches and bite marks. Ripped furniture rusty springs were sticking out of it. At the back of the room there
was a old staircase with chunks of wood on it I slowly opened the door. Inside there was a damp musty smell.

The air was full of dust and dead flys littered the window sill the floor boards creeped bent and groaned. One step at a time on the stairs. cobwebs were sticking to my face like a uninvited guest then I reached the top of the stairs.

 I got up to the attic there were old hunting gears with blood the blood was fresh fear ran down my spin I heard a creeping noise came up behind me I looked back but no one was there my nervs creeped higher and higher. 

Then someone came behind  me I heard the foot steps so I ran outside then I tripped up I got back up the man was gaining on me I zoomed off I said to my self he is gone now I dont need to worry about him and that house anymore.


  1. Well done Rico. Your writing really builds an image of an old house in my head. This is your best writing yet. Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow.. what an awesome story son. You are doing great :)